How is your food business managing food orders and inventory? Are orders hand-written by your staff and customers or verbal, and are the orders easy to read for the cooks/chefs? Is your inventory automatically updated throughout the business day?

If not, switch to an OMR scannable format and you will be amazed at the increased efficiency and productivity. We can design a customized, scannable food menu for you that allow food orders to be processed fast and accurately.

Why scannable menus? Scannable food ordering can increase profits! Research has shown that customers who are marking their own ‘scannable food order form’ have a tendency to order more than when orders are taken in hand written format or verbally placing their orders when looking at food menus.

Scannable menus can also lead to better control of your inventory. When perishable items are a concern, this can result in less waste, and improve your profits using an effectively designed scannable food monitoring form.

Add our custom software to enhance and make inventory frequency and monitoring of the buy/sell ratio of your food business simple and easy.