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We are the largest retail suppliers of Sekonic OMR card and sheet readers, as well as Chatsworth Data OMR’s. We stock all the readers in the Sekonic line with pen & pencil or pencil only read head only. Whether you application calls for a manual feed or an automatic feed, either card or sheet, single or double sided, we will be able to provide an OMR to meet your requirements.

When considering a scanning solution you will find our pricing to be very competitive when compared to the other major OMR company.

If your reader requires service or maintenance, we will loan you an OMR “free of charge”, until your unit is repaired. Make Lincolnshire Printing you one stop source for OMR’s and forms for the best price and service.

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Lincolnshire Sekonic Readers
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For complete details, specifications, and functions on all Sekonic OMR's, click on each scanner below.

LP Sekonic SR-430
SR-430 Brochure
SR-430 Manual
LP Sekonic SR-1800
SR-1800 Brochure
SR-1800 Manual
LP Sekonic SR-3500
SR-3500 Brochure
SR-3500 Manual
SR-3500 Manual for Printer
LP Sekonic SR-6500
SR-6500 Brochure
SR-6500 Manual
SR-6500 Manual for Printer