Because of its manageable size, a small pocket-sized scannable OMR card allows for easy marking and tracking of scores in all sporting events. A scannable Race Card provides an effortless means of collecting personal data and for recording the participants' time.

A scannable Golf Card allows a golfer to track each golf shot, so a golfer's game can be analyzed for patterns that can be corrected. “Sterling Creek Software” has been successful in using this concept for years with their custom sports software, turning it into one of the most recognized golf tracking tools in the golf industry. Their software also allows for golf tournament score tracking and recording (

Placing a bet on the outcome or picking the correct score, Sporting Events are popular uses for scannable bet slips. Using an inexpensive card reader with an easy-to-mark card allows all players to scan their input and display results right away! Many venues offer scanable betting slips for the development and organization of Fantasy Sports Teams for sports such as football and NASCAR!

An ideal way to increase your customer base is to offer a free sports wagering card! Popular sporting and betting events that currently use easy-mark scan cards and readers are:

  • Keno slips
  • OTB slips
  • Horse racing
  • Dog racing
  • Football wagering
    • Fantasy Football
  • Baseball
    • Fantasy Baseball
  • Boxing events
  • Basketball pools
    • Fantasy Basketball
  • Hockey
    • Fantasy Hockey
  • Parlay cards
    • Fantasy NASCAR
  • Motocross
  • Tournaments